Designtour Langenthal offers you fascinating glimpses into the development and manufacture of design products that have been made here for over 120 years. Experience for yourself at five factory sites the high standards required for these products and how they are met – thanks to great passion and craftsmanship. From idea to finished design product: discover the wide range of products in the factory showrooms and appreciate with all your senses the fascinating power that can be unleashed when a wealth of ideas is combined with great craftsmanship.
Designers’ Saturday is a unique occasion on the Swiss design scene. It takes place at the locations where design is actually created - at the workshops of the Langenthal design industry. In a biennial rhythm that started in 1987, around 70 national and international exhibitors have been putting on atmospheric presentations of themselves and their products at six sites - on the corporate premises of Création Baumann Langenthal, Girsberger Sitzmöbel [Girsberger Seating Furniture], Glas Trösch, Hector Egger Holzbau [Hector Egger Wood Construction], Ruckstuhl Langenthal and in the Langenthal town centre.
The Design Center aims to strengthen and promote the importance of design in Swiss industry, and raise the sensitivity of the general public to the value of good design. It also encourages the spread of knowledge about design and its exponents, and works to publicise top-quality Swiss design both within Switzerland and abroad. In order to reach these objectives, the Design Center operates two platforms - Design  Prize Switzerland and Designers’ Saturday. These take place in Langenthal every two years in alternation.